Family Playrooms
0-5 years

Parents and caregivers play and learn with their young children and share with each other in our family playrooms. Our knowledgeable staff provides information and resources on parenting issues and child development.

Updated News Alert

Please check “What’s Happening at Family Connections as it pertains to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and cancelled programs.  Thank you!

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Music with Marisa – 2019-2020 Schedule


There will be no Music with Marisa the following days:

March 12th, March 17th,  March 18th, March 19th & March 24th



Important New Fee Information!

New playroom fees for 2020 effective as of January 2, 2020.

  • (The 2020 Pass is no longer available) Existing passes will expire 10/31/20.
  • The 3 month pass @ $60 (sold until 7/31/20).
  • Baby & Me pass will remain the same @ $50  (sold until 7/31/20)
  • $8.00 drop in fee
  • $5.00 Baby & Me drop in fee

We look forward to playing with you all in the new year so get your pass today!  Please let us know if you have questions about purchasing a new pass or about your current pass. Thank you!

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