The 20th Anniversary DadsDay Run was a huge success, raising more than $47,000 in revenues to build resiliency and readiness in young children (and their parents!). After two years of virtual races due to the pandemic, it was so wonderful to see so many families in person on a beautiful, sunny Sunday on Father’s Day, June 19th.  These past 20 years, over 7,000 racers have joined Family Connections to raise more than $500,000 to support families with young children on Father’s Day morning.


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A letter from retiring Executive Director, Joanne Federman;

I wanted to write to you, as part of the Family Connections family, upon my retirement from this phenomenal organization.

There are several phrases for leaving a job or position to someone else – pass the torch comes to mind as one of them. Passing a torch sounds way too much like a marathon and sounds much too much like a solitary effort.  I prefer the notion of passing the baton as I retire as Executive

Director of Family Connections of Northeast Ohio. I’ve often felt that I am a conductor of an awesome and talented orchestra of staff, Board, and community leaders – all coming together to support and strengthen families with young children. For the last 29 plus years it’s been a privilege and honor to lead this wonderful organization of people.

So, as I pass the baton to Beth Darmstadter, you can indulge me in my reminiscing and acknowledging the tremendous growth of Family Connections. It’s best to start with the many leaders before me. While it is true I was the first director of Shaker Family Center, it was fashioned after Heights Parent Center, which was founded in 1982 by Barbara Soules and Carolyn Grossman. Marianne Joyce-Sollisch was the founding director, followed by MacGregor Peck, Deborah Osgood and Louisa Oliver.

From our early days of managing the Shaker Family Center building and facilitating an early childhood family center in the Heights to our current reach throughout Cuyahoga County, we have held steadfast to our mission to strengthen families with young children. Programs like our family literacy playrooms, SPARK, Family School Connection and Parent Cafés serve to build protective factors so needed in today’s world.

I am proud of the multitude of community partnerships we have forged over the many years. It is what makes us unique. We have built a reputation as a strong program partner throughout Cuyahoga County. Our staff and Board have worked hard to build recognition and understanding of family support and its value. We have positioned ourselves to further develop technical assistance and consulting capacity for content expertise.

We have accomplished something truly amazing together. As a result of our work, parents have become better equipped to cope with the stress of raising children. More parents are engaged in their child’s learning from birth through first grade and more children are entering school ready to learn. I am encouraged by the fact that more communities value strong families and provide resources to support them.  Even as I exit, I feel heartened by programs that are right around the corner – Family Space initiatives, Family Partners to name a couple.

It has been an absolute pleasure and honor to serve as Executive Director of this fine organization.  Thank you to the Family Connections’ Board of Directors and community stakeholders for unending encouragement and support and to all the talented Family Connections’ staff (all 25 of you) that I’ve had the privilege of working with. We made a lot happen and I’m very proud.

I know that Beth Darmstadter & the Family Connections’ team will continue to make a lot happen!!